Editorial Guidelines

Welcome MyItThings Members! This fashion magazine and trend-setting community is your domain to share your thoughts, stories and opinions on the latest lifestyle trends.  Whether your passion is fashion, celebrity buzz or beauty, you can easily find your niche at MyItThings while reaching a wide audience of like-minded people.

By becoming a member, you can create a personalized profile and immediately begin publishing your column.  You can even link back to your blog or website in the ‘source’ section of each post.  The best content is picked and published by our editors throughout the day onto the main pages of the site for maximum exposure.  With our monthly writing contests and giveaways, you’ll have the chance to win prizes while having your work read by top industry experts.

As a profiled blogger, you should know that there are a few editorial guidelines we expect you to follow.

1. Blog about content that pertains to our site.

There are three categories featured in our magazine. Here’s what we expect to be featured in each category:

Fashion– Style advice, news pertaining to the fashion world, runway reviews and trend reports are all part of this category and obsession we call fashion.

Shopping– anything related to shopping, including practical tips on get high-fashion looks for less and information about different shopping events and deals.

People– This section focuses on latest news about today’s celebrities and industry people.

Beauty– From beauty secrets to workout and diet regimes, this category is home to product reviews, hair and makeup tips and anything related to looking and feeling good.

Media– Content featured in this category highlights current news about the entertainment industry ranging from television shows to music videos.

Lifestyle– Everything you need to know to live a fabulous and stylish life – gadgets, decor, innovative products and design.

Green– The section features anything related to ‘eco-friendly’ trends in fashion, beauty, technology, etc.

2. Publish “quality” posts.

While there are no word number minimums or maximums when it comes to writing posts, we encourage you to write full articles with substance. Two or three sentences about a topic that has no news bearing is not considered a quality post, nor are advertisements or ‘teases’ whose sole objective is to direct members to other websites.

3. Be respectful.

We appreciate our members’ opinions and openly invite commentary, but we ask that you remain respectful and refrain from publishing content (posts or comments) that unfairly judges, ridicules or is blatantly offensive. It is okay to disagree but please be considerate of others.

Members posting explicit content, spam and articles written for a pure SEO purposes will have their account disabled without notice.